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Linear Inground Light G72

Listing Date: 2018-09-19

MD72 18W 24W 36W

Standard length: 1000 mm (40 inch)

Rated power: 18W / 24W / 36W

Input voltage: 24 VDC

LED brand: Epistar or Cree

IP grade: IP67

Color: R/Y/B/G/W or RGB/RGBW

Warranty: 2 years

Working temperature: -25°C~+45
Powder painted color and length can be customized
Body Materials: stainless steel + aluminum body + frosted tempered glass

In-ground luminaires

Our ground and floor-recessed luminaire fittings are designed to create fantastic possibilities to enhance architecture and tree clusters. in-ground LEDs can be used indoors and outdoors, in walls or floors, in wet or dry applications. Exclusive features include miniaturisation, chromatic quality, energy efficiency and superior visual comfort. Optics, reflectors and lenses produce a wide range of distributions and effects that are amplified by numerous accessories. 

in-ground LEDs are available in single colour and RGB colour changing options - from small decking style lighting to large architectural in-ground LEDs. Our single colour lights are available in red, green, blue, amber, cool white, neutral white and warm white – allowing designers and architects to create the mood or lighting effects desired for any project.


Part No.Dimension(mm)
 Power(W)  Voltage     colorBeam Angle  LED QTY
LL-G72-18W-24L1000*W72*H80    18W  DC 24VWW/NW/W    15°/3   18LEDs
LL-G72-18RGB-24L1000*W19*H72     18W  DC 24VRGB/RGBW    15°/3   18LEDs
LL-G72-24W-24L1000*W19*H72     24W  DC 24VWW/NW/W    15°/3   24LEDs
LL-G72-24RGB-24L1000*W72*H80     24W   DC 24VRGB/RGBW  30°/10*60°   24LEDs
LL-G72-36W-24L1000*W72*H80     36W   DC 24VWW/NW/W  30°/10*60°  18/24 LEDs
LL-G72-36RGB-24L1000*W72*H80     36W   DC 24VRGB/RGBW  30°/10*60°  18/24 LEDs


Linear Inground Light G72

Light distribution Curve

Linear Inground Light G72

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