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LED Neon Strip LL-N1410T Top view

Listing Date: 2017-05-09

Super bright LED neon strip, adopt 3014SMD 
IP67 waterproof
Dot-free Illumination,excellent lighting effect
Top bending or  top view 
UV resistance
Anti-yellowing in 5years
Saltwater Resistant

High light transmittance>97.7%,
-20 to 45 degree working environment.
Anti-shock (against external mechanical impacts)



LED Neon Strip LLN1410T waterproof IP67
Neon Flexible LED Strip is a kind of our LED Strip Light line which are made into IP67 by an PU&PVC encapsulation technology.They are protected against environmental influences like salt water and UV radiation through a clear polyurethane.The smallest grade of LED Neon is unique efficient and idea alternative to the Neon Cathode light.


The small cross-section, the minimum bending radius of only 80 mm and the high robustness allow use in virtually any application,such as coves, contours, furniture, organic forms, counters, stairways and back-lighting.Offering designers and architects the flexibility and opportunity to realize their imagination and creativity,and reduce energy costs whilst still achieving the traditional neon look.


The strip lights can be delivered ready to plug in with IP67 Mini-co-nnectors at both ends and can be easily installed with an adhesive tape or plastic clips. A white base profile with lateral fns and

refective surface guarantees high luminous fux.





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